Will a Ecobay smart Thermostat Work with My HVAC System? 2022-12-16

We live in an age where smart phones connect us to nearly every aspect of our lives —  and it seems that there is no end in sight. This technological revolution is also extending to the way we control indoor comfort. As a result, the simple thermostat, which has been a basic staple in our homes for decades, has significantly evolved.


Today’s thermostats or control systems can offer a wide range of features and connectivity with a smart phone, making it even easier to align your lifestyle with the comfort in your home. However, will this new, smart home technology connect with your current heating and cooling system?  


Your current heating and cooling system likely was designed to perform a single function — to heat or cool your home. It may not have been designed to directly communicate with the various types of control technology on the market today. Depending on the HVAC system in your home, it’s possible that only a specific style of thermostat or control system may control the system’s functions. It often comes down to what type of system was installed, and the wiring (or lack of wiring) between that equipment and the thermostat or control system. 

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