Ecobay Thermostats for Heat Pumps – Things You Need To Consider 2022-12-16

Heat pumps have garnered a lot of attention over the years thanks to the duality of their core functions. In winter, heat pumps work like a heater and look after your heating and hot water requirements whereas, in summer, they can transform into an air-conditioning unit. This two-in-one heating and cooling function is not common in traditional boilers and heating systems, which makes air and ground source heat pumps stand out as all-purpose performers.

Thanks to their specialised heating and cooling features, heat pumps need bespoke thermostats to work effectively. The thermostat technology has developed significantly over the years, giving you energy-efficient options that can be paired with your heat pump installation for great heating performance. 

Before we delve deeper into how to choose the perfect thermostat for your heat pump, let’s find out more about how it works. 

Thermostats for Heat Pump – How They Work!

Thermostats for heat pumps have one simple job to do – they switch the heat pump on or off as per the predefined input criteria, like the current room temperature, time of day and other smart home features.

Its basic function is based on temperature. When the temperature indoors falls below the set number, the thermostat will turn the heat pump on. The heat pump is switched off once the set temperature is reached and your home is heated to suit you. 

Thermostat settings can work around specific times of day or by a predefined schedule depending on whether you are home or not. 

Benefits of Installing a Thermostat

Automatic control is the primary benefit of installing a thermostat in your home. You don’t have to keep getting up to switch the heat pump on or off depending on how cool or hot it gets. You can set a temperature beforehand on the thermostat and based on your input, the heat is regulated on the basis of the settings. 

A thermostat is more sensitive and attuned to fluctuations in temperature than we are, which means that it is both energy-efficient and cost-effective. When paired with green heating systems like air source heat pumps, you can benefit from reduced energy bills, tax breaks and government subsidies like those found in the RHI programme. 

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