How to choose the best Heat Pump Thermostat? 2022-07-07

#1 Compatibility – The very first thing to keep in mind is not all thermostat models are compatible with a heat pump system. There are thermostat models that do not support HVAC systems with a heat pump. You’ve to read the specifications very clearly before you order your thermostat. Note: Read our guide on thermostat compatibility for popular thermostat models.


#2 Wiring – The wiring required for a heat pump is different from other HVAC systems like a central furnace system. So the thermostat you’re considering should support the wiring required for a heat pump. You’ve to check with the manufacturer’s specifications or check the model number online to see if it supports a heat pump system. #3 Heat Pumps with Aux/Emergency Heating – If your heat pump has an aux/emergency heat option, then you’ve to choose a thermostat model that supports the same. Keep in mind there are thermostat models that support a heat pump but are not compatible with an aux/emergency heat system. So if you have a heat pump with aux heat, choose a thermostat that specifically supports heat pumps with aux heat. Heat Pumps with Auxiliary or Emergency Heating – Explained A heat pump is really an energy-efficient system and works well with moderate climates. But if the climate goes to an extreme, say a really cold winter, then heat pumps will take longer than usual to heat your rooms properly. To manage such situations, some heat pumps come with auxiliary/emergency heating option. When aux/emergency heating mode is turned ON, rooms are heated really quickly. But this option (aux heating) is not energy efficient and adds to energy expenses. However, the aux heat mode is really quick and heats the rooms much faster.


3 – Smart Heat Pump Thermostat or Budget-Friendly Programmable Model? Finally, if you’ve done the most important matter of shortlisting a couple of thermostat models that support your heat pump, then it’s just a matter of choosing which all features you want and your budget. There are smart heat pump thermostats (like Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell Lyric, ) which come with a full load of useful features like self-learning, auto programming, wifi & controlling via mobile app, geo-fencing, voice control, etc. All looks good with a smart heat pump thermostat, but those high-end features come with a price tag as well. If your budget is low, you can go for a normal programmable thermostat for heat pumps, which is more than enough and serves the purpose of regulating temperature & maintaining efficiency. Let’s have a look at some of the best heat pump thermostats available on market.


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