Do I Need A Special Thermostat For A Heat Pump? 2022-08-11

Heat pumps can switch between heating and cooling to create a comfortable indoor climate. However, you may wonder whether a heat pump requires a special thermostat. So, we researched more about thermostats for heat pumps to provide you with an answer.


You need a special thermostat for a heat pump because it needs to be able to communicate with the reversing valve when changing from heating to cooling. Heat pumps rely on outside air and electricity. Heat pump thermostats will typically have a fifth wire explicitly for the reversing valve. Regular thermostats only have four wires.


Thanks to advancements in technology, you can successfully install programmable Wi-Fi or Smart thermostats with various heat pump models. Discover more interesting information about using heat pumps, thermostats, and controlling your home's climate in this post. 

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