Should You Use A Programmable Thermostat With A Heat Pump? 2022-08-29

ou don't really need a programmable thermostat if you have a heat pump. Because a heat pump may need to quickly shift from heating to cooling, it doesn't make sense to set the thermostat at a set temperature for extended periods.


When a heat pump is in heating mode, there may be more energy inefficiency when a programmable thermostat sets the temperature back at designated times. However, there are newer programmable thermostat models for heat pumps.


With a programmable thermostat, you don't want to cause a heat pump to rely on backup electric resistance systems. You usually save on energy and lower bills by keeping your heat pump in cooling mode versus heat mode.


Keep your home comfortable if you use a heat pump thermostat. You may want to set the temperature at a lower point when you're away from home or asleep. A wide range of thermostat settings for a heat pump isn't as necessary compared to a furnace.


Know before you make a final decision on a thermostat for your heat pump. A thermostat for a heat pump needs to have a wire included that allows you to reverse the valve containing refrigerant from heating to cooling.


Choose a brand you trust, but look to see if the thermostat will most likely work with an HVAC system that includes a heat pump. Your heat pump may require a thermostat with a wire for auxiliary or emergency mode.


You may also be interested in a smart heat pump thermostat, Wi-Fi compatible, as well as being programmable with plenty of available modes for convenience. Many new thermostats can be controlled via voice or with an AI-based assistant.


When possible, ask questions and investigate your top choice of thermostat models. You may be able to open up a floor model and look at the wiring or see specific capabilities on the back of the device you are most interested in installing.

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