How To Add A Heat Pump To Existing Furnace 2022-09-05

Proper wiring is essential to create the dual or hybrid heating system brought by a furnace and heat pump. Additionally, a thermostat should connect the two heating units, and it’ll act as the temperature control center for the home.

The resulting setup allows the heat pump thermostat to regulate the temperature automatically and more efficiently than before. First, the thermostat will increase the premises’ temperature to a certain temperature using the heat pump. Then, once the outdoor ambient temperature reduces to a specific level, the thermostat will activate the furnace to support the system.

Before proceeding, be wary that you shouldn’t run both heating units in ‘Heat Mode’ simultaneously. Otherwise, the system’s overall heat will exceed normal levels, causing issues like physical damage to the heating agents and dehydration to household members and guests.

Take note that the items needed for this operation should come with the different devices involved. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local hardware store if you lack certain components for this setup.

Finally, make sure you have sufficient knowledge about electronics, particularly with connecting wires. Otherwise, you should leave this project to certified technicians to prevent expensive mishaps.

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