• Things You Need To Consider Before You Purchase a Thermostat for Your Heat Pump 2022-12-16
    Before you spend money on a new thermostat for your air or ground source heat pump, there are certain things you need to think about.  Let’s take a look! Types of Thermostat There are three types of thermostat which differ in the way they perform. These are mechanical, electrical and smart.  The least expensive is the mechanical thermostat, as there’s no defined functionality as such. You key in the temperature as per your preference and turn it on or off. Electric thermostats, on the other hand, can be programmed with details like date and time and whether you’d prefer manual or automatic functioning.  Smart thermostats can do everything that its electrical counterpart can do and on top of that, it connects wirelessly to your mobile phone or any smart home device. You can use an app to program, operate and schedule your smart thermostat from virtually anywhere.  Compatibility Thermostats are not universal in their operation as they might not work ...
  • Ecobay Thermostats for Heat Pumps – Things You Need To Consider 2022-12-16
    Heat pumps have garnered a lot of attention over the years thanks to the duality of their core functions. In winter, heat pumps work like a heater and look after your heating and hot water requirements whereas, in summer, they can transform into an air-conditioning unit. This two-in-one heating and cooling function is not common in traditional boilers and heating systems, which makes air and ground source heat pumps stand out as all-purpose performers. Thanks to their specialised heating and cooling features, heat pumps need bespoke thermostats to work effectively. The thermostat technology has developed significantly over the years, giving you energy-efficient options that can be paired with your heat pump installation for great heating performance.  Before we delve deeper into how to choose the perfect thermostat for your heat pump, let’s find out more about how it works.  Thermostats for Heat Pump – How They Work! Thermostats for heat pumps have one simple job ...
  • Will a Ecobay smart Thermostat Work with My HVAC System? 2022-12-16
    We live in an age where smart phones connect us to nearly every aspect of our lives —  and it seems that there is no end in sight. This technological revolution is also extending to the way we control indoor comfort. As a result, the simple thermostat, which has been a basic staple in our homes for decades, has significantly evolved.   Today’s thermostats or control systems can offer a wide range of features and connectivity with a smart phone, making it even easier to align your lifestyle with the comfort in your home. However, will this new, smart home technology connect with your current heating and cooling system?     Your current heating and cooling system likely was designed to perform a single function — to heat or cool your home. It may not have been designed to directly communicate with the various types of control technology on the market today. Depending on the HVAC system in your home, it’s possible that only a specific style...
  • Ecobay Heat Pump FAQs 2022-12-16
    WHAT BRAND OR MODEL SHOULD I INSTALL? The only way to get a meaningful recommendation is to set an appointment with the professionals at ecobay. When we come to your home, our heat pump experts will evaluate all aspects of your home and your preferences to recommend the right system for your needs and budget.   ISN’T IT TOO COLD HERE FOR HEAT PUMPS? That is a common misconception, but it is simply not true. They work more efficiently in a warmer climate, but more than 70% of our normal heating season is above 32 degrees (the record setting cold we have been experiencing so far this winter is obviously not the norm) so there is ample opportunity for savings. We can set up your system as “dual fuel” so your system automatically switches over from heat pump to your oil, propane, or natural gas system when needed.   DO THEY MAKE A MODEL FOR MY BASEBOARD OR RADIATOR HEAT SYSTEM? No, but there are options for you too. Ductless split systems and/or adding ductwork ...
  • What’s the point of thermostatic radiator valve installation? 2022-11-28
    We may be among the biggest names in domestic and commercial power flushing here at Power Flush Wizard, but we are also renowned for the many other upgrades that we can perform for the central heating systems of UK householders and business owners.     For our latest blog post, we thought we’d focus on a little service of ours that we don’t talk about much, but which could make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your home: thermostatic radiator valve installation.   What are thermostatic radiator valves? Thermostatic radiator valves, or TRVs, are an alternative to manual radiator valves that enable you to control how you use the heat in your home.   As their name suggests, TRVs sense the temperature of a room and then adjust that temperature by increasing or reducing the hot water flow to the radiator. So if the temperature of the room rises above a desired level, the valve will ensure that less water flows through the radiator, thereby reducin...
  • Why Fit Thermostatic Radiator Valves To Your Heating System? 2022-11-28
    The Thermostatic radiator valve is an essential piece of radiator technology. It is one of the many heating controls for controlling air temperature across rooms, and due to its great value and straight forward function it is one of the most popular choices.   A TRV is fitted on the side of your radiator and correctly set up enables you to maximise a single boiler and enjoy different temperatures across different rooms.   The TRV automatically regulates and as a result adjusts the flow of water into your radiator depending on the chosen setting. As the room temperature changes the valve head of the TRV expands, adjusting a pin in the valve so that it either opens or closes. Expansion happens as the room heats and blocks the valve body to receive less hot water into he radiator. Contraction happens as the room cools and as a result opens the valve body allows more hot water to enter the radiator.   What-Are-Thermostatic-Radiator-Valves The key benefit of thermostatic radi...
  • What is a thermostatic radiator valve? 2022-11-28
    You can place a thermostatic radiator valve, or TRV, on a radiator within a hot-water or steam heating system. A thermostatic radiator valve enables you to control the temperature of that specific radiator, thus giving you greater control of the temperature and comfort of that room or space.     Thermostatic radiator valves also improve your heating system’s efficiency. For instance, if you have a radiator in your kitchen, you may want to include a thermostatic radiator valve on it. If your thermostat is set to 72 degrees F in your living room and you’ve got the oven on in the kitchen, chances are you are not going to need your kitchen radiator to pump out more heat. You can use your thermostatic radiator valve to turn down the heat for the kitchen radiator while you are cooking. You can also turn the thermostatic radiator valves down in rooms that you use less often to conserve energy. Programmable thermostatic radiator valves can work on your schedule.   Ho...
  • Can you save money by using TRVs? 2022-11-28
    TRVs can save you money because they allow you to heat your home more efficiently and in a smart way that is appropriate to each area of the home. For example, you may want to keep your living room toasty, have your bedroom cool and the baby’s room warm and with TRVs you can do that accurately. Likewise, if there are spare rooms that you don’t really use you can keep them aired or turn the heating off completely.     Once the room reaches the desired temperature, the TRV will knock the heating off to maintain it plus the heating will only come on if the temperature falls below that which is set. This means that radiators don’t produce unnecessary heat.   Of course there is a cost to installing TRVs on your system. Because the system needs to be drained prior to installation it makes sense to install TRVs on every radiator because much of the installation cost stems from the time required to do this which would be the same whether installing 1 or 10 TRVs...
  • Is it worth having TRVs installed? 2022-11-28
    Thermostatic radiator valves, also known as TRVs, are valves that regulate the temperature of the radiator based on the temperature of the room. It helps create a more responsive heating system, allowing you to maintain a desired temperature in each room individually.   If your central heating system is one boiler with one thermostat that determines the heating level for the whole house, TRVs would give you a separate thermostat on each radiator that controls the heat within that room. Obviously, a single thermostat will determine the heating based on the temperature in the room that it is located in yet the temperature will inevitably vary across different rooms based on size of room, size of radiator and position within the house relative to the boiler.
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