• Are Thermostats Universal? 2022-08-29
    When it comes to thermostat series products, they are not all one-size-fits-all. You have to look over your choice of thermostat before attempting to install it with a heat pump, furnace, or another type of HVAC system. There are no universal thermostats.   Thermostats designed for a heat pump will have specific modes listed on the back or will contain wiring for the reversing valve, emergency, and other settings. However, the average thermostat for a furnace or boiler is different.   Don't make the mistake of thinking you can utilize any thermostat with your HVAC system. Also, be aware that there are smart thermostats that may require integration with your internet-connected devices or other needs to function.   Some thermostats are programmable, which allows you to set your HVAC system as you desire at specific points throughout your day. Other cost-effective thermostats are manual and require you to set it to cooling, heating, or fan.
  • A leading London University installed eTRV+ with PAIR in their student halls of residence and made energy savings of 30%. 2022-11-07
    A leading London University installed eTRV+ with PAIR in their student halls of residence and made energy savings of 30%. The University had been using their building management system to control the heating, with temperature control via TRV’s in each bedroom, the kitchen and corridors. The system provided two heating periods, switching on in the morning and evening and remaining off in the afternoon and overnight. eTRV+ was initially fitted in student’s bedrooms, and then extended into corridors and kitchens to provide balanced temperature control throughout the building. Bedrooms and were set to 19°c, with the boost facility to 21°c. Corridors were set to 16°c and kitchens to 19°c. PAIR was installed in bedrooms to detect occupancy. If a student left their room for longer than one hour, eTRV+ would decrease the temperature to the low setting (16°c). eTRV+ includes a Sleep facility, that provides the option to reduce heating further during longer period...
  • Thermostatic radiator valve-- eTRV 2022-11-07
    A thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) is a self-regulating valve fitted to hot water heating system radiator, to control the temperature of a room by changing the flow of hot water to the radiator. The classic thermostatic radiator valve contains a plug, typically made of wax (forming a wax motor), which expands or contracts with the surrounding temperature. This plug is connected to a pin which in turn is connected to a valve. The valve gradually closes as the temperature of the surrounding area increases, limiting the amount of hot water entering the radiator. This allows a maximum temperature to be set for each room. As the valve works by sensing the temperature of the air surrounding it, it is important to ensure that it is not covered by material (such as curtains). If the controller is removed from the valve the valve turns on and the radiator will always be hot. TRVs should not be installed in the same room where the boiler thermostat is installed. The replacement of a manual heat...
  • How to choosing Zigbee or Z-Wave radiator valve (TRV) 2022-11-14
    Z-Wave radiator thermostats allow you to wirelessly control individual radiators. Each radiator can have it's temperature set and changed throughout the day - manually via a smartphone or based on timed schedules. The Z-Wave radiator valves allow you to have different parts of the house at different temperatures through the day, as you need it. You no longer need to heat empty rooms.   The Z-Wave radiator thermostats are fitted within minutes, they simply replace the existing TRV, no need to drain the system. Once installed they operate just like other Z-Wave devices, such as Z-Wave thermostats, as part of your Z-Wave smart home automation system allowing you to control them wirelessly from wherever you are. Or, you can use other features of the Z-Wave system to control them automatically based on time of day, or from other devices such as Z-Wave Sensors. This enables you bring smart central heating control to your home using your Z-Wave system.   If you've got questions abou...
  • Is it worth having TRVs installed? 2022-11-28
    Thermostatic radiator valves, also known as TRVs, are valves that regulate the temperature of the radiator based on the temperature of the room. It helps create a more responsive heating system, allowing you to maintain a desired temperature in each room individually.   If your central heating system is one boiler with one thermostat that determines the heating level for the whole house, TRVs would give you a separate thermostat on each radiator that controls the heat within that room. Obviously, a single thermostat will determine the heating based on the temperature in the room that it is located in yet the temperature will inevitably vary across different rooms based on size of room, size of radiator and position within the house relative to the boiler.
  • What is a thermostatic radiator valve? 2022-11-28
    You can place a thermostatic radiator valve, or TRV, on a radiator within a hot-water or steam heating system. A thermostatic radiator valve enables you to control the temperature of that specific radiator, thus giving you greater control of the temperature and comfort of that room or space.     Thermostatic radiator valves also improve your heating system’s efficiency. For instance, if you have a radiator in your kitchen, you may want to include a thermostatic radiator valve on it. If your thermostat is set to 72 degrees F in your living room and you’ve got the oven on in the kitchen, chances are you are not going to need your kitchen radiator to pump out more heat. You can use your thermostatic radiator valve to turn down the heat for the kitchen radiator while you are cooking. You can also turn the thermostatic radiator valves down in rooms that you use less often to conserve energy. Programmable thermostatic radiator valves can work on your schedule.   Ho...
  • What’s the point of thermostatic radiator valve installation? 2022-11-28
    We may be among the biggest names in domestic and commercial power flushing here at Power Flush Wizard, but we are also renowned for the many other upgrades that we can perform for the central heating systems of UK householders and business owners.     For our latest blog post, we thought we’d focus on a little service of ours that we don’t talk about much, but which could make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your home: thermostatic radiator valve installation.   What are thermostatic radiator valves? Thermostatic radiator valves, or TRVs, are an alternative to manual radiator valves that enable you to control how you use the heat in your home.   As their name suggests, TRVs sense the temperature of a room and then adjust that temperature by increasing or reducing the hot water flow to the radiator. So if the temperature of the room rises above a desired level, the valve will ensure that less water flows through the radiator, thereby reducin...
  • How Much Do Ecobay Smart Thermostats Cost? 2023-01-04
    How Much Do Ecobay Smart Thermostats Cost? The model and brand of the new thermostat greatly influence the cost. Some Ecobay Smart Thermostats come in around $100, while others exceed $500. It all depends on the model, brand, and level of sophistication.   In addition to the upfront cost of the Ecobay smart thermostat, there might be associated installation costs and extra tools or materials required, so keep that in mind when you’re doing your research. Some of these smart devices come with simple, easy-to-understand instructions, and the necessary tools, for a quick home installation that you, or a tech-savvy friend, can handle. For those of us who aren’t confident in our ability to install a Ecobay smart thermostat effectively and safely, professional installation can run up to $400, but the average cost is around $100-$250.   How to Save on Ecobay Smart Thermostats Some states and local city governments incentivize installing a Ecobay smart thermostat with reb...

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