Why Fit Thermostatic Radiator Valves To Your Heating System? 2022-11-28

The Thermostatic radiator valve is an essential piece of radiator technology. It is one of the many heating controls for controlling air temperature across rooms, and due to its great value and straight forward function it is one of the most popular choices.


A TRV is fitted on the side of your radiator and correctly set up enables you to maximise a single boiler and enjoy different temperatures across different rooms.


The TRV automatically regulates and as a result adjusts the flow of water into your radiator depending on the chosen setting. As the room temperature changes the valve head of the TRV expands, adjusting a pin in the valve so that it either opens or closes. Expansion happens as the room heats and blocks the valve body to receive less hot water into he radiator. Contraction happens as the room cools and as a result opens the valve body allows more hot water to enter the radiator.



The key benefit of thermostatic radiator valve is their potential to save energy and cut down prices on bills. You can set the TRVs on each radiator to the level you desire of the specific room.


In busier rooms like a living room for example the TRVs can be set to a lower temperature as there will be people in the room frequently, appliances being used and the sun light through windows. In less populated rooms not used ad frequently the TRVs can be turned down even lower which avoids heating rooms unnecessary and as a result saving energy and money.

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