What Is Cheaper To Run Heat Pump Or Gas Furnace? 2022-09-22

Some scenarios entail running heat pumps to be less expensive than using gas furnaces. However, some cases might also create ideal cost-effective setups to allow gas furnaces to require fewer expenses than heat pumps.

It’s advisable to look at this matter in terms of value instead of overall expenses. For instance, gas furnaces often provide better value than heat pumps.

Homeowners using natural gas-powered furnaces can expect to pay $260 to $1,550 in annual energy costs for these systems. That range fits well into the national average of paying $661 in natural gas costs.

On the other hand, a sealed-system boiler may deliver reduced heating costs. Moreover, this option is usually less laborious to install than other heating frameworks. In turn, installation, maintenance, and usage expenses are generally less expensive with the boiler than other heating systems.

But you may also save money on professional labor costs if you opt for DIY installation and maintenance procedures. If so, you can save from $850 to $5,500. Moreover, you can gain additional skills by familiarizing yourself with your chosen heating system.

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